Why You Should Choose Organic Gardening Fertilizer

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Why You Should Choose Organic Gardening Fertilizer

Organic gardening fertilizer is must have if you are planning to make your own organic garden. Organic fertilizer is an organic product, which implies that this kind of fertilizer comprises natural components which can be decomposed in the garden soil. This organic fertilizer is healthy to humans and to the environment.

Why Use Organic Fertilizer Rather Than Commercial Fertilizers?

There are a number of answers compared to that query, and you have to know and appreciate them so that you’ll be sure of what exactly are their main variations. Understanding the difference between organic fertilizers from a commercially prepared fertilizer may also make you understand their good or bad effects on the plants, human beings, and to the environment.

1) If you are likely to use organic gardening fertilizer, you don’t spend money since you merely use the wastes from kitchen and garden. But if you’re intending to utilize commercial fertilizer, for certain you have to use your cash to purchase them.

2) You should know that organic fertilizer comprises of organic and natural materials that originated from organic sources, while commercial fertilizers are comprised of chemical substances and other inorganic chemicals. You can easily make organic fertilizers from compost, animal manures, domestic wastes, green manures, and other home waste products.

3) You also have to realize that if you are using organic fertilizer, you need to apply it in the regular, especially if you will apply an organic matter. It requires at some time to decompose the organic matter by biological microorganisms and change the organic and natural matter into compost. Biological organisms include the following: dirt, fungi, earthworms, protozoa, and bacteria. Commercial fertilizers are used on a set time, approximately every a couple weeks or based on the instruction.

4) You can make the compost from home and garden wastes. The ingredients for the compost consist of sawdust, tea handbags, soft prunings, tree and plant clippings, leaves of trees and shrubs, remains of vegetables, weeds, wood shavings, woody prunings, cardboard, leaves, egg shells, grass cuttings, towels and more.

5) You have to know that organic gardening fertilizers contain much more important nutrients compared to what you can get from commercial fertilizers.

6) Organic fertilizers can easily improve the current state of the soil. They boost the water-holding capability of the soil, to ensure that you will get more or sufficient levels of water for absorption by the garden plants.

7) Organic and natural fertilizers also help to boost the soil’s capability to hold nutrients so that the soil can take enough nutrients for the growing plants. Organic garden plants require enough nutrients to make sure that they are able to grow and flourish very well.

8) Inorganic fertilizers or commercial fertilizers could be drained easily, particularly during rainy seasons. And, nitrogen is the nutrient that is very easily drained from the soil. The compost will be able to generate nutrients and bacteria, making a vital contribution. However the procedure for making the soil healthy can be an ongoing process. Apart from enhancing the water holding capability of the soil, it stimulates the rate of helpful soil organisms. Using natural gardening compost can control plant illnesses and unwanted pests. Additionally, it can help to promote more yields of agricultural plants.


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