Amazing Grow Towers

   A grow tower is the way to go if space is a problem. You can place them on patios,decks,even a small porch. They only take a space of 3ft. by 3ft, that is why they are amazing! I’m always building a library  of how to do this or that. I came across this just the other day and want to share it with you. Please note this is not my video. I’m in the process of building this myself, to make my gardening a bit easier as far as weeding and watering. This will save a lot. Space is not my problem I have 231 acres. I did want to share a couple videos with you from friends of mine, that like me do different things. So with that said please enjoy.  I strongly recommend you start collecting information to have at your fingertips. Knowledge is power. Go get your knowledge.



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